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a few pictures of Grandjean´s Gaard
Bredgade 4 / Lille Strandstræde 3

(pictures taken may 9, 2019)



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"Grandjean Gaard" is the big gray building
behind the small white house called
(Ravhuset) or Amberhouse.
Left side of the Amberhouse is "Bredgade",
to the right is "Lille Strandstræde".
Picture seen from "Kongens Nytorv"
Amberhouse and "Lille Strandstræde"
where  there is restaurant in Grandjean´s Gaard.
Seen from Lille Strandstræde,
Grandjean´s Gaard and restaurant.

Seen from "Nyhavn",
the white house is Amberhouse,
behind me in "Nyhavn" there is many
Cafe´s and restaurants with tables outside,
the whole area is "walk only"
"Grandjean Gaard" in "Bredgade",
the name is not on the house anymore,
there is of course new owners.
In "Grandjean Gaard" there is now a Juvel-shop.

In "Grandjean Gaard" there is now a Juvel-shop.

Here is a link to an old version of

the Grandjean Family-tree

this version is from 1878

and the information is gathered by

Obersløjtnant H. F. Grandjean.

It is later updatet by other people

as described in the article,

her comes the

In rest of the house is what can be read on doorsign

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